Size Matters

July 3, 2011 at 6:02 pm 1 comment

I was exceedingly proud of myself earlier this week, having made my toddler’s fancy dress costume by hand (pictures to follow…).  I used this post at Prudent Baby as a basic model.

I altered the size (although Monkey is small, I’m hoping this outfit will last for a while) – the wing length is 40cm rather than 33, and instead of frilled strips, I used individual rectangles, a la Stone The Crows Morris Side – Nana dances with them, so hopefully Monkey will be able to join in the fun in a year or so.  I made the wings plainer – just used black organic crossweave cotton from Raystitch.  I bought 4 m, cut out enough to make myself some trousers, and there was plenty left over for costume making.  I think there may be enough left to make a doll costume as well, if I ever get the doll finished.  The fabric is lovely, but as it is not black-black, more grey-black, i’m a little concerned that my eventual trousers will look like school trousers.

Back to the costume – I altered the fastenings – I put a self-bias-binding tie at each wrist & somewhere around about the elbow, then a long one holding the two wings together at the top, which could then be crossed around the front, back & tied at the front again.

Anyway, we tried out this fab costume this afternoon at the naming/welcome party for a friend’s child, and it didn’t work half so well as planned. It is very sweet but keeps falling off the shoulders, so he really will have to grow into it.

Still, he looked better than either parent – our concessions to the fancy dress theme (come as an animal) were not particularly enthusiastic. Our ant costumes (leftovers from Monkey’s outfit – turned into headbands, with paper eyes & straw antennae) were only on about 15 minutes. Maybe we’ll grow into those as well…

4th july upate – pictures here & here


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  • 1. madcapcrow  |  July 3, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    Fab! Can’t wait to see him! Maybe you could use some velcro on the wings and on whatever jumper he is wearing underneath? Although I don’t suppose it’s going to be regular wear!


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