Short Changed

July 4, 2011 at 4:55 pm Leave a comment

This title evolved from ‘A Change Is As Good As A Rest’.  This is because Monkey, who used to have his 2 hour nap at lunchtime (he used to fall asleep on the bus on the way home), more recently has adjusted this to a 2 hour nap starting at about 2pm ish.  Today he was acting tired all morning, and as I was also tired, we went for a lie down about half 2.  To put it calmly, he didn’t go to sleep until quarter to 5.  Grrr.

I find it difficult to be nice & un-grumpy when I was just dropping off to sleep and was woken up.  And when I definitely know best & it doesn’t happen how it ought to be.  So I get grumpier, and Monkey gets whingier.  Then I make a big effort to be cuddly and nice, and he wants to play with the stones he left in the bed earlier.  I’m not very good at playing, so I try to be next-to.  Which means I have to find something to do that can be done next-to.  I wander off, Monkey starts grouching at me, I get grumpier & leave him to it. 

Vicious circle.  The flip side of it is that I love/want/need to be around him.  I don’t like leaving him on his own too much when he does go to sleep, because I prefer to be there when he wakes up.  So I don’t get a lot of time to do housey things.  Oh well 🙂

My self-justification for that part of it is that he’ll grow up knowing that things don’t just happen magically while he’s not looking.  If something needs doing, do it.  If you can live with it the way it is, that is fine.  If you don’t like it the way it is, change it.  That’s my theory/excuse!


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