Space Exploration

July 17, 2011 at 4:33 pm 1 comment

Not a journey to the stars, I’m afraid.  More a case of exploring ways to make more space in our home.

Both DH & I are hoarders.  we’re also rather untidy.  We have lots of good ideas about decorating, but you can’t see most of it due to the clutter.  We periodically attack a room and try to make a little more space.  This week we’ve been working on our sitting room.  We’ve flagged up most of our non-fiction books to go in to storage, along with some beautiful shelves which were a wedding gift.  (The floor is now covered with piles of said books, awaiting boxing, which obviously makes life SO much easier)

Anyway.  As we were beginning to move things prior to the book-sort, DH & Monkey leaned back on the sofa, onto a pile of pinned fabric & paper, awaiting cutting.  So I moved it.  The next day I noticed, as I moved it into the kitchen, that the paper pattern was torn.  Argh!!!!!

Yes, I should have put it away, so it is my own silly fault.  I’m mostly annoyed because I very carefully cut out the pattern for all sizes, so I could make the trousers again.  The fabric is only roughly cut out, as I needed the rest for Monkey’s bird wings.  Hey ho, maybe eventually I’ll have a dedicated space to put the sewing machine & all associated paraphernalia.  Perhaps there’ll be space in the living room now…


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  • 1. Giles  |  July 18, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Good luck finding any kind of space. I’m deliberately refusing to put anything in the loft (unless it came with the house and might be passed on with it) so that we have to be aware of everything we have. Tragically this means there’s no space for anything and certainly no homes for anything.


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