Bonus Points To Me!

July 19, 2011 at 7:01 pm Leave a comment

I’m writing this in part to see if I can remember the really good idea I had for a post-topic.  I wrote it down on the back of a receipt last night, and now can’t find it.

Warning – the following paragraph may read a bit smug and gloaty.

I’ve had a pretty productive day today, which is unusual.  Monkey & I made a batch of bread rolls by hand (and I invented breadscuits).  We also made a loaf of machine-bread to go with tomorrows as-yet-unmade-soup.  I did three loads of washing, most of the dishes & tidied the kitchen.  I put together the base pieces for the new compost heap, and finished hand-sewing a piece of towel to a piece of interfacing.  I made two separate dinners (I’ve gone off roast veg).  Yah boo sucks to me, huh.  The house is still a mess though.

Most of the above is because DH’s mum is staying up here for a couple of days.  She is much tidier than us.  This doesn’t bother me, but does bother DH, so I bother on his behalf. 

The rest of it was an attempt to keep Monkey occupied.  And me.  Normally I’d have spent more time on the computer.  I’m trying to cut down the amount of time I spend on here when Monkey is awake (he’s downstairs now with DH & DH’s mum hopefully having some more food).  So I did some reading in our quiet time instead of computing. 

I think (hope) Monkey found me a bit more accessible, although I’m unfortunately rather good at switching off sometimes.  I find it easier to focus on what Monkey wants when we go out and Do An Activity – a class or a meet-up.  The down-side of that is that I seem to gravitate towards me-time when we are out.  I think I did ok today.  Shame he can’t tell me yet, although I’m not sure I’d always want to know…


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