Baking Biscuits

July 28, 2011 at 11:18 am 1 comment

Monkey and I went to a craft workshop earlier this week.  We were meant to make a wet-felted butterfly.  Monkey preferred to play with the train set (so I did the felting instead.  very easy, must try at home!).

I think like his parents, he has to be in the zone (or at least not zoned out).  He seemed like he might be happy to co-operate this morning, so when it got to quiet time, we did some baking.  Normally we do buns, as I get through loads of them.  Hey, eggs are good for me and I should eat more of them.

Today, we made some bread in the machine (which we do maybe once a week) and then instead of buns, we tried for cheese-pastry-biscuits.  I thought about cakes, but pastry has fewer ingredients and seems more straightforward.  I left Monkey to do the rubbing-in of flour/butter.  He did really well except whenever he realised that his hands were covered in gunk, and which point he demanded that we get them washed.  I managed to dissuade him until I’d got all the cheese grated, then we finished the mixing together. 

He quite happily washed his own hands (with a bit of help) once the washing-up bowl was on the floor (not sure if that is a Montessori or Steiner idea or both), and dried them ready to mix the cheese in.  I did the kneading and biscuit-sizing as he prefers to dismantle pastry and dough rather than mix.  I went for rustic style flat lumps rather than rolled & cuttered as it is less washing up.

They’re taking ages to cook though – been in 20 minutes already & just in for another 5.  I probably ought to have been encouraging him to tidy up his blocks from the kitchen table rather than writing posts, but he’s happy enough playing with my empty cake tin.

Just took the biscuits out – was editing the second paragraph and realised I’d forgotten the salt.  So much for easier!


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  • 1. scientiaincognita  |  July 29, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Can you felt bread?


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