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Monkey and I went out to a park this morning which is a bus-ride away.  On our way home, I discovered he needed his nappy changing.  I carried him back into town, figuring I should have just about enough time for a quick change before the bus left.  I spent most of the 15-minute walk making the same decision frequently – that it wouldn’t be fair to leave it until we got home as that would be a further half hour.

We were just getting to the public toilet block in the town centre when I noticed a mum I knew from an antenatal class.  Their first child had died not long after turning 1, but they recently had a second child.  Despite the rush, I thought it was more important to stop and chat.  We didn’t talk for long but it was so nice to see them.  I must try to organise another get-together of our ante-natal group, although I’m not a particularly good organiser (I always make the excuse that I’m not quite interesting or Alpha enough)

Anyway, they left to go home and we went to sort out stinky nappy issues.  The baby-changing facility was, annoyingly, locked, so we had to pay to use the floor of the ladies toilets instead.  He needed a full change of clothes as well.  Joy.  Anyway, got him cleaned up and yes, we’d missed the bus so had to get a different one and walk a bit further at the other end.

So in the grand scheme of things, not a particularly big issue.  We still got home, and Monkey went to sleep clean.  Thankyou J&G for (however unintentionally) putting my poopy sleeve into perspective.


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