Hugh’s Fish Fight Part 1

August 14, 2011 at 5:48 am Leave a comment

I’ve just watched the first episode of Hugh’s Fish Fight which was shown in January (hurrah for the internet).  I thought I’d better write about it now while I’m still fired up about it (and before Monkey & DH get up).

The EU currently works on a quota system – only a certain amount of each species may be ‘landed’ (i.e. brought ashore & sold).  That makes sense – fish stocks struggling etc.  When quotas for particular fish are used up, any of that species caught must be discarded – thrown overboard.  That made sense too, until I saw how much was thrown over.  They made a pile of fish at one point which was all to be discarded and the fisherman reckoned there to be thousands of pounds worth of fish there, and that was just part of one sweep of the nets.

Perhaps it is due to the nets and the quota system does work?  But then another fisherman pointed out that when he was within quota for cod, he used a large-mesh net and got maybe a single cod per sweep.  When he was not in quota, he went for sole which needed a smaller mesh, but got more cod per sweep.

So what is the solution?  Thus far, they seem to be suggesting limited days but keep what you catch.  That makes sense unless you get factory-fishing?  I guess I’ll have to wait until I get chance to watch the next episode to see what influence tuna fishing will have on Hugh’s proposed fishery-policy-reform campaign.  Or has had, since I’m watching it 7 months late.


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