Adapting With Fish

August 22, 2011 at 5:26 pm Leave a comment

Well, I did it!  That is to say I went to see the bloke on the fish counter, mostly because Monkey complained until we did.  If we go in to a supermarket, we have to look at the fish and find things like fish-with-eyes, things-that-aren’t-fish, something-green, a-fish-with-stripes, etc.

Anyway, the fish bloke was very helpful, and I think pleasantly surprised that I actually bought fish (normally we look at them then wander off).  I asked for ‘something that is a little bit like cod but not cod’ and ended up with a piece of pouting, which he very kindly skinned and boned for me.

All fine until it came time to cook the flipping thing.  Good Housekeeping didn’t mention pouting anywhere, and the recipes I found on-line were all far too complicated-looking.  So I gave up being inventive, cooked some pasta, then fried the fish in oil, chopping it up into little bits.  Added pesto, chucked the pasta back in, added some cherry tomatoes then ate it with cheese.  So it was really one of my bog-standard GOOJ dinners, with a bit of fish flakes in.

I probably won’t use that fish again, I think the flavour was too strong (unless it was the way I cooked it?) but as an exercise in expanding my range of foods it was pretty sucessful.  Mostly because I know a bit more about which questions to ask next time.


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