Terrible Twos

August 27, 2011 at 1:56 pm Leave a comment

DH will often take Monkey out with him when he goes out to dinner with his friends.  Yesterday evening, Monkey decided he didn’t want to go.  Fair enough, we are trying to give him the choice to do/not do things whenever possible.  Unfortunately, Monkey is in a terrible-two phase which only seems to manifest at home, and usually only with me.

Yesterdayevening he knocked some cereal boxes over so I asked him to pick them up.  He refused so I left it a short while.  This was repeated a few times, and ended up with me moving him away from me, and putting his food & drink snacks away.  The problem with doing that is that I really don’t like doing it, so I get upset and worked up, which doesn’t help the situation.  I would prefer him to learn about that sort of thing without coercion but it is difficult when you are in the moment to think of another way round it.

We generally assume that Monkey level of comprehension is higher than that of his communication.  But because of that, how can we be sure that he has understood something which is potentially quite complicated and emotional?  I think whatever we decide to do, however we proceed, we’re going to have to come up with a solution pretty quickly!


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