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August 29, 2011 at 8:15 pm Leave a comment

This will be my 21st post.  I’ve been looking back through my previous posts and noticed a few projects which remain unfinished.  This is as well as my current ongoing projects, of course, which mostly consists of knitting.

1 – Monkey’s mini-kitchen, although not quite finished, has been in use for a couple of weeks.  I need to find some ribbon or similar product to stick around the edges.

2 – Monkey’s bird wings.  Although the wings are finished, the trousers I cut from the same fabric are still awaiting assembly, along with a nappy-bag/changing-mat combo that we can leave in the car.

3 – Monkey’s doll.  This is finished but has no clothes.  It was going to have hair but didn’t seem to suit it.

4 – Doll/teddy storage.  I haven’t even started this revamp but we are using it anyway as we needed somewhere to put all the teddies.

5 – Book tidy and sort – this is mostly done but there is a half-filled box still taking up most of the living room floor.

6 – Kitchen pictures – the kitchen is still messy (although it has been tidy a few times in the interim).  Still no pictures up.

7  – Fish suppers – until I can find somewhere that will make fishcakes for me, we’ve decided to stick with the supermarket ones that we like and which are responsibly sourced.  We tried some from a smaller company a few weeks ago and didn’t like them as much.


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