Separation Anxiety

September 14, 2011 at 5:13 pm 2 comments

This weekend I have family coming over to stay.  My sister and her boyfriend will arrive Friday night, my mother Saturday morning.

As both of our ‘spare rooms’ (i.e. rooms which have beds in) will be in use, I wasn’t able to pull my usual trick of just shifting all the junk from one to the other – I’ve had to clear-ish both rooms.  Most of the clearing in the front bedroom (which was originally going to be the nursery) was piles of fabric and half-finished garments.  Actually, to be honest, there were piles of fabric,  piles of cut-out-fabric-interleaved-with-pattern-pieces, and a couple of piles of loose pattern pieces.  I managed to limit the number of projects left out for possible things to work on on our planned sewing/crafting day on Sunday – one Clothkits Kit and one other thing I can’t even remember without going to check.  I also pulled out the rainbow of fat quarters I’ve been collecting for a colour-project for Monkey.  As that is still missing pink and grey I won’t be starting that yet, but may be able to pick up something during our York outing on Saturday.

And what will DH, Monkey & Ish be doing?  They are planning outdoorsy things and spicy food.  What fun.  Still, Monkey likes hanging with the guys and is way past the stage of being troubled by my absence unless he wants some hair to pull.  That is easily solved if I pack my hairbrush in his nappy-kit.  Hey, I can’t help it if I’ve produced a 2-year-old hair fetishist!

So what about me?  My 2-year-old hair fetishist is the person I spend most of my time with, even if he doesn’t always get all of my attention.  I will probably be fine, I’ve been away from him before.  But letting go is more complicated.  I generally keep in text contact with DH, and check my phone regularly in case of incidents.  I know he’ll be fine with DH.  They’ll have a lovely day and no-one will be hurt or sad.  But I also know that he’s not here with me.  It is a nice change sometimes but I’m so pleased to see him when I come home (and run a quick check that is still fine when I’ve been away).


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Learning Respect Reality Check

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  • 1. scientiaincognita  |  September 14, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    I remember having huge problems when I left Mum for the weekends as a child. The solution seemed to be solved in part by a security blanket. There is no harm in your missing Monkey at all, perhaps the more you get used to short trips away, the easier it will be for you both.

    • 2. thecreativetoe  |  September 14, 2011 at 7:26 pm

      So a solution might be to get myself a security blanket. Or I could maybe make one, I could do with a new project. Ha ha. To be honest, I’d struggle to fit a security blanket in my bag along with all Monkey’s nappy paraphanalia and my knitting. Maybe my knitting is security knitting?


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