Salt Dough

October 12, 2011 at 11:49 am Leave a comment

I was going through some blog posts this morning from various sites I subscribe to.  I came across this one.  As my last attempt at play dough didn’t work out so well, I thought I’d see if they’d any tips.  Reading through it I noticed a salt-dough recipe.  Fewer ingredients, not too complicated.  I can do that!

So Monkey & I set to and measured flour then salt into the bowl.  We added the water and watched how it made a hole in the salt.  Then we started mixing.  I think we could have done with a larger bowl, or possibly mixing flour and salt before adding water.  The flour wasn’t mixing too well at the bottom of the bowl so I added more water.  Although it was then easier to mix it turned out to be a mistake.  When I put some on the table to make some shapes with it was really sticky so Monkey wouldn’t even touch it.

I made some blobs and put them on a baking tray then we used a spoon to measure some into cup-cake cases.  Hopefully the blobs will stay as blobs so we can paint them to be stones and the cup-cakes will melt so they look like buns or something.  I think it will be one or the other unfortunately.  Might try again another time when we’ve restocked out salt supplies.

We’ve had a pretty good morning on the crafts front.  We did some colouring, some cutting and some sticking for Monkey’s entertainment, and I had some ideas for my art stuff using the same principles.  Whether it actually happens…

Had a quick look at the dough in the oven – still over an hour to go but it looks like we’ll be painting salt-dough rocks later.


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