Ah, Harrogate! (textile rave, sorry dudes!)

November 25, 2011 at 5:34 pm Leave a comment

I should probably have come up with a more inventive title for this post.  It is not, after all, about Harrogate.  It is my train of thought set off by the Knitting & Stitching Show Monkey & I visited on Thursday.  In Harrogate.

I suppose I could include some relevant Harrogate information.  There is an M&S (where we bought our lunch – the food queues at the show can be excessive).  There is a train station (we travelled in by train).  There is a Betty’s tea rooms.  I didn’t even bother considering this as a lunch venue.  Although it might be worth the round-the-corner-and down-the-road wait, we didn’t have time to spare.

So maybe the post title is acceptable & can stay as it is.  I have, after all, devoted more than a paragraph to Harrogate.  Normally though, when I talk about ‘Harrogate’, I refer to just the show.  I used to go mainly for the shopping.  I often fall victim to impulse buys, many of which are sitting in my stash, unused from a year ago.  Or maybe the year before that.  I know from conversations with other show-goers that it isn’t just me that does this.

I was taken aback, though, as Monkey & I wandered through the halls first thing in the morning, en route to our first workshop, that some old favourites were not there.  Saddened, actually.  I have been attending Harrogate annually for a few years.  I even exhibited some artwork some time ago (but that is another story).  I chalked the absence of some of my favourite stalls down to the finiancial climate, crossing my fingers that they were at least still trading, even if they couldn’t be at the show.

I was exceedingly relieved to find, later that day, that there had just been some shuffling.  I found Sue Hawkins (and mentionned how glad I was to see her still attending).  She explained that  she’d moved stalls to avoid the coffee queue near where she used to be.  I can imagine that whilst it is handy to trade at such a prominent location, the longer queues would block the view of passers by.  And I think the coffee aroma might drive one insane eventually.  Or maybe that is just me.

Midori Matsushima – also moved (although I clocked from her inclusion in the workshop programme that she was attending and didn’t panic for long).

Mulberry Silks who are usually at the entrance end of the textile gallery – that was a big 😦 as I usually get something from them.  I was exceedingly pleased to notice them on our way out after our four workshop sessions.  Didn’t stop as Monkey had had enough, but as I am planning to go back this weekend, I imagine I will pop in there too!

Maybe next year I might actually look at the programme before I get through the door.  But I think part of the attraction of this sort of event is the visual (and indeed tactile) enticement of the products.  Something which the printed page and the e-shop have yet to emulate.  Ah, Harrogate.  How do we love thee!  Let me buy the yarns…


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