Who do presents come from?

November 28, 2011 at 3:40 pm Leave a comment

I was talking to some friends today who have children of similar ages to Monkey.  With December almost upon us, we chatted about the ‘Christmas’ meal we went out for on Friday, and who was prepped for the festive season or not.  That’s the section I fall into, of course.

The whole issue of Father Christmas came up.  Now I had previously discussed this issue with myself and came to the conclusion that we weren’t going to tell Monkey about Father Christmas.  I probably believed in Father Christmas when I was young, although I can’t remember it.  I think it is important for children to learn about the cultures they are a part of.  Sinter Claus (apologies for any mis-spellings) was a generous man who lived many years ago in another country.  I disagree with the generally accepted notion that children should be encouraged to believe that all the gifts their families worked so hard to provide for them (more on that another time) are from someone else.

I would rather Monkey appreciates what he is given – whether it is what he wanted or not.  And whether he is good or not (we try not to be too much a carrot & stick household).  He may well ask, in years to come, why Father Christmas gives presents to his friends but not to him.  I could explain that sometimes people can’t afford all the things they would like so special presents might have to be forgotten about.  Or perhaps that some people prefer their giving to be more anonymous.  I will probably use the time to discourage the accepting of gifts from strangers.  But most of all I imagine I will have to wing it.


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