A bit of Blah

December 30, 2011 at 9:00 pm Leave a comment

Usually, by the time I start writing the content of a blog post, I’ve a pretty good idea which metaphorical soap box I’ll be standing on.  Not so today.  In fact I’m skipping soap boxes all together and being even more blah blah than usual.

Aha!  We have a title, and a raison d’etre.  There might well be a reason to write without a purpose but there’s not much to draw one’s readers in.  So – the blah-ness of mid-season stuff.  We’ve had most of our various family get-togethers.  New year is fast approaching.  We went on outings yesterday & the day before.  I did a little decorating, DH did some tiling, and we hung some paintings.

Now we’re mooching round downstairs.  Yay, fun times.  Neither of us has a great deal of energy to expend on Monkey, and we’ve had our fill of Attenborough for now.  We are pigged out, and tired out.  DH’s precious few days off work are rapidly slipping by and we still seem to be short of time.  Hence the title – I’m just a bit ‘Blah’ right now.  Although I suppose it is probably something to do with hibernation or a similar seasonal slowing down.

Maybe if it is that, I could expect some sort of renewal as the year turns towards spring in a few months?  That’d be nice.  I might have to think up a wish list.  Mostly I’d like to feel a little less slow in my brain.  I also really ought to get round to writing a round-robin (?) style note to send to our acquaintances.  I didn’t send many cards this year – I’m blaming the fact that Christmas snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking.  What do you mean, it is nearly next year?  Maybe a brain reboot really would help!


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