Back to normality, I suppose

January 2, 2012 at 10:09 pm Leave a comment

Today is the last day of our winter ‘break’.  DH goes back to work tomorrow, and Monkey & I will be back at our various classes and groups.

We’ve had a lovely time off – spending time with both of our families.  We also got to spend plenty of time just the three of us, which was great.  We had a couple of outings – we went on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, and to Tropical World.  Monkey has forgotten most of the animals by now, but he talked about the crocodile for a couple of days.

This morning, with it being a bank holiday, we umm-ed & ah-ed about where to go and were going to go back to Tropical World, but then DH suggested we pop in to his work & get started on the table we’ve been planning on building for a while.  Our kitchen table is too big for the three of us, and also it has a sloping-round-the-edge top so things fall off.  DH designed a simple rectangular table which should seat 8 (he thinks) but won’t dominate the kitchen quite so much.  We got the table top sawn & sanded & pegged together (the clamp for the glueing could not be found).  We had a little time left so we did some work on the smaller sewing table we planned, and got as far with that as well.  It was nice to spend part of our holiday doing something that was useful for all three of us as well as fun!

Shame it is the last day, that’s all.


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