Thank you, Teacher Tom!

January 4, 2012 at 4:43 pm Leave a comment

Monkey seems to have a hair fetish.  Particularly my hair – which I regularly have to comb through to find a loose one.  My sister’s will do on occasion, but DH’s won’t.  He sucks his thumb (Monkey, not DH) and plays with a hair with his spare fingers, leaving the other hand for cuddling, playing, or whatever else he is involved with.  We agreed whilst he was still small that we wouldn’t get a dummy, so if he needed to use both hands, he’d have to take his thumb out & give his mouth a rest.

We’ve often noticed that he’ll take his thumb out but leave the hair in place.  He’ll be playing with a toy and either not use that hand, or use it with fingers clenched, as if he can’t bear to let go of the hair.  Possibly because I get grumpy when I have to start pulling out hairs if there are no loose ones left.  Following this post by Teacher Tom, I’ve linked it to his occasionally ‘forgetting’ he is holding food.

Teacher Tom suggests the child is using the object to explore.  Adults at the pre-school he runs will make observations about the item being clutched and the child will learn about it – what it is, where it goes.

So thank you, Teacher Tom.  Once again you are helping me to understand my child’s sometimes confounding behaviour & the occasional peculiar habit.


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