Forgotten Faces

January 12, 2012 at 7:53 am Leave a comment

I escaped Facebook (as much as is easy to do so) more than a year ago.  In a way I miss how easy it was to keep in touch with people I already knew.  I didn’t use it to try to meet new people, although I went through a phase of tracking down people I used to know.  Then I un-contacted them because I realised that although I liked to know that they were alive & happy, I wasn’t so interested in their daily lives.  I’d lost touch with them (or vice versa) because we’d all grown apart.

I was tempted on to LinkedIn by an old friend that I had stayed in contact with.  And now I’m considering leaving that too.  It is a business networking site.  And I am not a business any more. 

I get a regular e-mail from the site with updates from my network.  At the bottom of it are people it thinks I might know.  Today I saw a blast from the past.  A guy I knew from university but lost touch with before graduating.  I think we fancied each other but I can’t remember if we actually kissed or not.  I think we probably almost did but circumstances got in the way.

I think the fact that I’d forgotten those events implies that he didn’t make such a big impact on my life overall.  Also, I had got his name mixed up with someone else, and it took me a while to work out why the name didn’t fit the face I was expecting.

Still, I won’t be linking up with him.  Because I am sure that the presence of his photo on an e-mail implies that he is alive and well.  I don’t need to be friends with him.


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