Monkey Does Stuff

January 17, 2012 at 1:02 pm Leave a comment

Quite unexpectedly, Monkey has been getting involved in ‘stuff’ a bit more than usual this week.  Yesterday we went to an indoor soft play centre – we meet friends there once a week.  It was quite quiet there and not many of our set had been able to make it.  Once he’d settled down, Monkey was interacting with the other toddler.  He wasn’t really that interested in the only-just-toddler as the boys were off climbing up things.  The other boy is bigger & bolder than Monkey so he can climb up things that Monkey can’t manage yet.  They were alternating who was following and who was deciding routes around the play frame.  Monkey was still happier when I was there too but it was nice to see him getting involved in playing with another child so much.

The other surprise I had, following last week’s post – Monkey See, Monkey Do? – was this morning.  We went to our signing class & I was chatting to the leader about Monkey.  She said her daughter is the same.  She sings all the songs & does all the signs at home but not when they are out.  Later in the session we were doing a maracas rhyme that we know & Monkey was joining in with the maracas-ing.  Admittedly he took my maraca away from me but I often get told off for singing and dancing and fooling around.  Particularly if we are waiting for the bus, for some reason.  So we will have to see what the rest of the week brings – we are back at our dance class on Thursday…


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