Going Overboard

February 10, 2012 at 10:27 am Leave a comment

I am occasionally perhaps slightly-more-than-is-sensibly overenthusiastic.  I tend to leap into things, both feet first.  I’m hoping I haven’t just overdone it with Monkey.

Monkey came over to advise me his pants were falling down.  I wasn’t completely surprised – I’d heard him catch his nappy fastening earlier & wondered if it might have unfastened at one side.  We went down to the bathroom to sort it out & I suggested he might want to sit on the potty & read a toilet book.  He doesn’t always want to (and usually he is fully dressed anyway.  This time he did, so I figured I may as well get showered. 

Half-way through the shower he made some kind of slightly odd noise.  I asked him if he’d had a wee & he said he had.  I couldn’t see anything in it – my glasses were well out of reach so I had to take his word for it.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt & was (hopefully) suitably praising of how fab that was.  And then discouraged him from poking the (probable) wee.

Anyway, post-shower, we had a look & there was at least a couple litres in there (maybe slightly less).  We discussed what we might need to do with it & agreed that since Mummy & Daddy’s wee went in the toilet, we could probably put his in there too.  I should also point out that he’d managed (with some instruction) to wipe himself as well.  Although that just went in the bin.

I figured we may as well use a sticker (encouragement is supposed to be key) so we got one out of the toilet book & he stuck it very proudly on his pyjama top.  Then he said he wanted another wee.  I suggested that since there had been so much in there (at least a gallon) there probably wasn’t anything coming for a while.  I gave him the option of waiting on the potty for another wee or having a nappy (which he opted for – hence we’ve managed to come back upstairs).

I suggested we might want to look at getting some ‘grown-up’ pants at some point.  I was hoping we could start browsing the internet for suitably neutral, comic-book-hero-free pants.  His response was a little non-commital, so say the least.  😦 

So hurrah, but it probably won’t happen again for a while – we aren’t ‘potty-training’ yet.  I hope he doesn’t expect quite so much praise next time – and there are only 24 stickers left in the book!


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