Homework Avoidance

February 11, 2012 at 11:26 am Leave a comment

Homework avoidance – it is responsible for various bouts of house-cleaning, sorting & making.  The problem now is that I don’t actually have homework to do any more, except for house-cleaning, sorting & making.  So depending on which is the most pressing, I usually do something else, right up to the deadline.  I usually end up acquiring another half-finished project or so because of it.  Or I’ll forget where I was in the sorting & put it all back in a big heap (don’t you just love paperwork).

Currently I think my homework avoidance is (slightly guiltily) the jumper I am making for a friend.  His birthday was last month, so I am part-way through my extension.  And finally I got round to going through some patterns a couple of days ago.  I sent them over for for him to choose which he’d prefer and was gratified that we both preferred the same pattern.  Mostly because I have to make it and he has to wear it (or there will be Trouble!).

And doh!  I realised I had to send off for the pattern.  Found a UK stockist (Loop, in Islington) and sent off for it.  Whilst waiting for it to arrive, I’ve managed to get some other projects progressed.

I sewed a button on a dress which I started making maybe 18 months ago.  I just have to cut 3 threads and it is finished.  I also hauled another garment out and am working on the sleeves.  It is likely that that unfortunate garment (which I started in January 2011) may also be a bit of an avoider – chances are I’ll put it back into hibernation when my lovely shiny new pattern book (Norah Gaughan’s ‘Men’) arrives.

A side benefit of my haphazard system (although it may also have been caused by it) is that in fishing this garment out of its bag, I found some knitting needles I thought I’d lost.  Hurrah!


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