Going Without

February 17, 2012 at 9:09 am Leave a comment

A few months ago, DH & I had a food-sensitivity test.  We’ve both had them before a few years ago but thought it’d be a good idea for a re-match.  Mostly the same things came up as last time – sugar & wheat (for me) and coffee/acidic things (for DH).  There were a whole host of other things as well but those seem to be the main areas that needed looking at.

A few months on – I’ve had a brief stint of cutting down on chocolate but didn’t do very well.  I’ve also tried out ‘fake’ pasta (wheatless pasta – tastes fine but smells a bit peculiar). 

DH, however, is currently (hopefully) at the tail end of coffee withdrawal.  Last time he tried that (before he met me) he had a three-day headache.  This time the headache seems to have been less but the withdrawal has gone on longer.  His limbs ache (particularly at night) and he’s found it difficult to get going at work.

I feel a bit guilty that I’ve not made more of an effort at cutting things out myself.  The problem is that it is such a big part of what I eat.  No chocolate, no cake, no biscuits, no bread, no pasta.  Not really any honey or fruit.  I know there are both substitutes & alternatives, but I’d almost prefer just to get on & eat the things I like, and to hell with the consequences.

I was thinking last night that maybe I could manage it for a month or two if I kept the honey & fruit.  I really ought to knuckle down & make an effort – it is only for a couple months, after all.  I could manage most of the normal evening meals I do, it would just be the breakfast/lunch/snack food that I’d have to find alternatives for.  And I don’t think I’d like to eat fake pasta three times a day for two months.  There are limits!


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