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I would like to be able to say that I’ve returned after taking a break from blogging and have been doing something productive in the meantime.  Like starting my next play or finishing off some of the canvases I still have cluttering up the upstairs.

I have been knitting & crocheting, but I have also been wasting time playing computer games.  It is a habit I’ve had for some considerable years – I go through phases (as with everything else I dabble in) of spending lots of time/money on a ‘thing’ then getting bored & doing something else instead.

Some updates then – Monkey broke his shoe last weekend – managed to detatch the front of the sole somehow so it was hanging down.  We got it fixed, but we are off to get some new shoes this morning – he’s had these since maybe october last year so he’s probably grown somewhat.  Although maybe not – for all he’s getting taller he’s still such a little thing!

I’ve finished off a few knitted items – I made a particularly fabulous t-shirt for Monkey out of left-overs from a cardigan for myself.  I haven’t finished the cardigan – it is striped and there are many many ends to sew in.  Blargh.

I’ve also been reminiscing a lot recently – more on that in another post perhaps.  It is probably seasonal, and something that I should have done straight after new year.  Better late than never?  Hey ho – best go marshal the boys into shaving (DH) & getting dressed (Monkey) & get out the door…


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