Splot! Painting

April 12, 2012 at 5:48 pm Leave a comment

I made DH a cup of tea recently, and once I’d put all the ingredients in & stirred (as is, I believe, the general practice) I took the teabag out.  I deposited it on a plate rather hurridley, so as not to get tea on the counter.  As it landed on the plate some of the liquid was squished out by the impact.  Oooh – that looks like a good idea.  I wonder if it would work on watercolour paper?  Note – makes a good noise too (splot)

Monkey & I picked up some (hopefully) suitable paper this morning – an A4-ish pad of hot-pressed watercolour paper (bit pricey but exceedingly smooth) & a couple of slightly larger sheets of a rougher cotton paper.

We used 2 herbal teas, a fruit one & a normal one.  We started off with the herbal ones on hot-pressed paper then let them dry for about ten mins.  We then went back & used the rather stewed fruit & tea ones on the same paper we’d already used.  Unfortunately this didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped – the paper was still quite wet.  So we did another couple of pages, just a couple of splots on a page.  The plain tea one looked the best so we tried that on one of the rougher sheets and that worked well too.

I’m not sure that watercolour paper was the best thing – not absorbent enough.  Might try similar with blotting paper, although that might be too absorbent?

The pages are looking good – the pinky-red has turned more bluey & looks rather good.  The best ones are still the plain tea though.  Some of the splot! shapes are amazing – they look like amoeba or spiny foraminifera*.  Will hopefully get some photos later on…

*a group of marine plankton with a shell, the chemical components of which have varied over geological time.  Looks like the degree was worth it after all.


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