What A Faff! (rather long post)

April 14, 2012 at 3:55 pm 1 comment

Yesterday I decided to do something about the backlog of cleaning to be done in the kitchen.  The thing which was bothering me the most was the perishables which I’d not been able to shift.  We have a wormery which takes veg peelings etc, and a bokashi system for cooked food, fish, onion, citrus, etc.  As the ‘working’ bokashi was full, I hadn’t anywhere to put the old crumpets etc (Monkey has started leaving the ‘crusts’ on crumpets.  Fink.)

I set off to empty the ‘resting’ bin, but I knew the ‘working’ compost heap was full.  I took the bin out anyway, in case I could make some space around the edge or something.  Unfortunately my route to the heap was somewhat impeded by the sticks that DH had brought for me, ready to set up for pea-planting.  I squeezed past the not-insignificant pile & after a brief poke around & some shifting of soil (most of the pots are done already), abandoned that idea. 

Ok, so where am I going to put this pickled food then?  No point setting up the sticks in the raised bed yet, it needs clearing.  And that wouldn’t make any more room on the heap itself.  While I’m thinking, I’ll clear the raised bed.  Monkey & I set to clearing the bed of bolted winter leafy greens & oodles of weeds.  Monkey was focussing on slug-spotting.  I know they are a pest, but they do useful work on the compost heap.  The work went much faster after I thought to get a washing-up glove to wear – easier on the hands & I can just pick up slugs rather than timidly poking them with a bit of twig. 

Got the whole bed cleared – the weeds & wildlife went into plastic tubs & buckets to saturate before composting (also no room on heap as is).  Even managed to save the spring onions, although a couple of them might have been slightly run over by Monkey’s dumper truck.  I’d vaguely wondered about digging the bokashi in, but we came across so much wildlife during the clearance that I figured I could plonk it all on top & let the worms deal with it.  Far fewer worms injured during my excavations & far less effort for me.

Once the bokashi was spread out it looked a bit of a mess.  Now what?  More mulch?  Not enough bought compost – we’ve less than half a bag.  I know – old bark chippings.  I was planning to clear those anyway so I could shift them onto the bed.  It turned out to be a pretty good idea – looks better than pickled toast anyway.

So the bed is weeded, fertilised, mulched & read for pea-sticks.  I have an empty bokashi bin, ready for clearing the kitchen waste.  I really think it must be time for a drink and a biscuit!

And yes, the perishables were dealt with later that day, hurrah!


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  • 1. scientiaincognita  |  April 14, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Gosh, I’m exhausted just reading that!
    Glad there was a happy ending though 🙂


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