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Monkey & I went to Yorvik Viking Centre earlier this week.  I went a few years ago, and I am sure the Smell is just the same as it was then!  There are some changes though – I don’t recall the futuristic-looking conveyance, but the commentary was very informative, both the ‘English’ and ‘Kids’ versions.

We were shown around ‘Viking Cupr-Gate’ (Street of Cup-makers, nothing to do with copper as I’d always assumed!).  Monkey was a little unsure about the ‘pooping man’ but I don’t think it put him off all that much.  Once the ride was over, we bypassed most of the rest of the exhbition, the artefacts & information boards were a little beyond Monkey.  I think they’ll be more use for him in a few years.

We left the museum to get some food, and as I’d (wisely) invested in the YAT pass I suggested maybe another trip round ‘the Ride’ and Monkey was quite happy to go along with that.  It was pretty much the same the second time around, and as Monkey didn’t seem to be quite flagging yet, we booked in for a ‘Dig‘ visit.

That was a completely different experience – much more hands-on and definitely aimed at children.  We were in a group of about 6 children, mostly aged 5-10 I think, with Monkey being the only toddler.  The guide for the group was a very enthusiastic & knowledgable chap (probably a real archaeologist).  Nice hair as well.  We dug around in some fake dirt looking for objects from 4 different periods & he discussed the objects with the children as well as encouraging them to find various things.  Then we went on to look at some actual items from the digs – animal bones, pottery, shells, etc. and there were sorting trays and various comparisons to be made.  After a brief talk, that was ‘Dig’ concluded.

As Monkey seemed to be flagging, I didn’t suggest another whizz round Yorvik, we went back to the station & waited on the train, eating our second lunch.  I think we’ll be back to Yorvik within a few months but probably not Dig for a while.  Especially as we’ve still Micklegate Bar & Barley Hall to investigate!


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