A Pretty Good Day In The ‘Stuff’ Stakes

April 25, 2012 at 8:43 pm Leave a comment

Monkey & I had a pretty good day today.  I have been thinking a lot recently about how little arty-crafty stuff we do – he isn’t that interested in it.  I reckon a lot of that is down to me – I’ve been really uninspired with regards to my own art practice.  All he usually wants to do is play with his train set, or watch trains on YouTube (or Thomas the Tank Engine, and he’s just discovered Fireman Sam & Bob The Builder).

Anyway – we went to our local knitting group earlier then watched a couple of trains as we were hanging around waiting for the bus.  He fell asleep on the way home but then woke up as I was putting him into bed (that was my afternoon’s knitting/iPlayering plans scuppered).  I figured we could maybe try out something vaguely creative.

Eggheads – I’d saved some egg shells for planting cress in.  I put some soil in one & he put some seeds on top – we’ll stagger the planting so he can see more easily the changes that happen, rather than having to remember.

Painting – I did a little work on a painting, and suggested that he might want to do some too.  We went down to the bathroom (easier to clean) & painted some more until he got fed up.  It was satisfying to clock him concentrating on it, albeit not for very long per colour.

Sticking – When we’d finished clearing up we went back upstairs & I did some more faffing on the painting while Monkey used some discarded printing to glue in his book.

Dinner – Monkey helped me get the bread machine started earlier in the afternoon and once DH got home we ate together.  We even all had the same food, which doesn’t happen that often.  We got Monkey ready for bed & had a couple stories, then he went to sleep.  Hopefully the ‘regime’ of less tv will help with all of our sleeping.  Watch this space, I guess 🙂


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