Magpies And Dandelions

May 12, 2012 at 6:19 am Leave a comment

I like magpies and dandelions.  I know many people are not so fond of them, so I’ll just clarify.  They aren’t small and cute like many pessarines, they don’t have a charming song.  But nonetheless, they are an exceedingly handsome bird.  We have some living near us and they regularly visit our garden.  It used to be for some of the contents of the compost heap (I assume) but since I put the contents of a bokashi bin on a raised bed, they seem to be more frequent visitors.  I wouldn’t have thought that pickled veg, bread & pasta was really bird food but they seem to be finding something good to eat there.  Although I just thought – perhaps they are eating slugs and snails that could well be in there too.  Oh dear – that doesn’t bode well for the peas which I’ve already started planting.

Dandelions fit in to the same sort of category.  They are not small, cute birds, and they don’t sing.  What is more, they are fiendish to get rid of when they are in the wrong place.  Probably easier if I weeded more often.  Yeah, right.  But they look so lovely when just a couple are under a bench, or one appears in a wall.  I don’t think they look so good when they are all over the place.  A little goes a long way, you might say.


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