Herman And The Forgetful CreativeToe

May 26, 2012 at 5:35 am Leave a comment

I forgot to feed Herman yesterday.  I just fed him now (and he is looking a bit lumpy – hopefully that will settle down).  I stirred him before I started adding stuff & noticed he was looking a bit stodgy at the top.  I think the warm weather might be bothering him.

I had planned to get to day 10 & divide him, then maybe keep 2 portions back so I could cook one & propogate some more.  Although perhaps that isn’t such a good idea – he may not survive that long!

Also, I am trying to work out when I can give the new Hermans to which groups of friends I see.  My current Herman will be ready on Wednesday.  I had planned to take him along to my local knitting group & hope that somebody wants him.  I also want to pass some on to other friends & family.  It looks like I’ll have to keep some on the go (and maybe even put off cooking him yet).  Hmm… 1st batch wednesday 30th (2 Hermans to keep, 2 to give away), then the 9th (7 to give away, 1 to keep), 19th (3 to give, 1 to cook)?  I imagine that by then I will have exhausted most avenues of Herman-gifting.  And (assuming he lasts that long) my tolerance for having a bowl of stinky goo in the kitchen.


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Let Them Eat Cake. In A Week Or So Herman Gets Too Big For His Boots

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