Washing The Washing-Up Water

June 5, 2012 at 4:43 pm Leave a comment

We’ve been trying to reduce the amount of water we get through as a household.  Instead of filling the watering can from the cold tap, I put the shower head in a bucket while the shower warms up – I get about a bucket-full.  This then goes in the water butt.

DH prefers bathing so we are considering the best way to get the water down 1 storey at a reasonable rate.  We have a siphon hose but it takes a while to clear the bath and the hose doesn’t reach down to the ground out of the window.  We tried it with buckets but ended up with water all over the bathroom floor.  Too faffy.

Washing-up water is a bit more of a problem.  It is ok, apparantly, to put washing-water on the garden within 24 hours of washing.  Preferably not on things you’ll eat.  Washing-up water is more complicated.  I suppose the food particles, oil & detergent (even with an eco product) isn’t so good for the plants.

As the water doesn’t need to be drinking-water standard, just a bit cleaner, I read up on reed-bed filtration systems and we bodged it.

We lined an old sink with a permeable garden fabric, filled it with sand & gravel, & stuck a few water-loving plants in there.  DH fitted a tap underneath with a hose on so we can either fill a bucket or (by raising the loose end of the hose) ‘switch off’ the water flow, giving the plants more chance to absorb the nutrients.  Hopefully.



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