The Bricky-Walker-Thing

June 15, 2012 at 9:00 pm Leave a comment

Today I put away the trolley part for Monkey’s baby walker.  We took the handle off a while ago but he’s been playing with the brick-storing tray sometimes.  He’s way past it, so this evening (sneakily when he wasn’t looking) I put it in a trunk we’d just emptied.  I’ll add the handle when I find it.  It is worth keeping to hand-down (although it is a little grubby) but there is a limit to how many grown-out-of toys we can keep around the house.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t miss it.

On a similar note, I looked at some of my old paintings with the intention of putting some up, rather than leaving them in the loft gathering dust.  Unfortunately most of them are far too brightly coloured so they clash with our rather more subtly-toned decor.  I suppose it shows just how much my (now pretty much non-existent) art practice has changed.  Or maybe my taste has matured.  So I am now stuck with paintings we can’t hang.  Maybe it will work as an impetus to get the flipping things on my Folksy page.  I am proud of them, I just don’t have space to keep them all.  I just hope I won’t miss them.


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