Eating Habits

July 2, 2012 at 5:44 am Leave a comment

I am a fussy, faddy eater.  I probably started off on a wide range of foods (I am told I used to love blue cheese as a small child).  Things kind of went downhill from there for a while – my staple diet being cereal&milk, chocolate, pasta&cheese. There’d be a few other bits and bobs thrown in there – shop-bought-cooked-chicken, the odd bit of fruit, maybe potato if someone else cooked it.  That was my first year of university.  Since then (I am pleased to say) my diet has become a little more rounded.  I discovered to pesto.  Wow!  A couple of years later I found out about peppers.

I have been trying more over the last year or so to eat a slightly more rounded diet.  I eat a wider variety of veg in soup (so long as it is smooth).  I eat beans & pulses, and add different grain flours to bread when I make it.  I even try to vary my carbs – I mostly had pasta with cheese & pesto all week this week and it was so boring!   I still don’t cook rice, but will happily eat it if DH cooks it – he makes a mean fried rice, and a fabulous leek&pea rissotto.

Monkey looks set to be similar, which bothers me more.  He goes through phases of which fruit he’ll eat, and his favourite dinner at home is pasta with pesto & cheese.  My consolation is that if he is anything like me, he’ll grow out of it.


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