Steak Out

July 3, 2012 at 6:07 am Leave a comment

We went out for sunday lunch with some relatives last weekend.  I ordered the steak, and as I like to think my food is cooked all the way through so ask for it well done.  I’m sure sometimes the chef inwardly winces when they hear that, but one of my favourite non-fiction reads is about parasites.  Some of the things which live in meat – I really don’t want to be part of that life cycle.  I’m sure the cows were fine, but on the offchance, I’ll stick to brown-all-the-way-through.

In this instance, I should have gone for the veggie option.  I have never had a steak which was so tough!  [You might want to skip the rest of the paragraph if you are squeamish]  After the first mouthful, I was just squishing it around a bit then swallowing the flipping thing.  I honestly though to myself ‘Why am I eating this gobbet of meat?  It is in my throat, it will just be landing in my stomach!’  I gave up on it after a while because I got so fed up of chewing.

I have never felt so much like giving up meat altogether.  I probably won’t – in part because I know I would struggle both to get the proteins etc from another source, and also because sometimes I would have difficulty finding anything else on the menu to eat.  So although the chips were excellent, the mushy peas were amazing and everyone else in our party enjoyed their food, we probably won’t go there again.  Despite the fabulous mushy peas.


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