Shining My Sink

July 6, 2012 at 9:26 pm Leave a comment

About a year or so ago I toyed with the idea of signing up to Flylady.  It is a website designed to help you clean your house.  You pay a subscription & get regular e-mails with advice.  I guess it might be a little bit like Weight Watchers, but with rubber gloves.  I decided against it, mostly because I subscribe to quite a few websites & blogs so I get plenty of e-mails already.  And I didn’t quite want to pay someone to tell  me to clean things.

I did, however, absorb some of the advice given in the sample e-mail.  ‘Shine your sink’.  The idea being that you go to bed having done the dishes & wiped the sink.  I finally did that this evening.  I left things on the draining board, but the sink is empty.  Quite satsifying but not sure it will happen every day.  And then I went into the sitting room & found 1 plate, two glasses & a cup.  Never mind – I added them to the fork I’d found under the washing up bowl (or probably down the side of it – it wasn’t squashed).

Anyway – having a clean sink inspired me to write a blog post.  I can add to it that we found a book (£1.99 – bargain) with hints & tips on de-cluttering your home.  Which needs doing.  We aren’t quite tv-worthy hoarders but we still have more than we need.  I am even debating getting rid of the pasta machine that we were given as a wedding present (we have used it once).  Assuming I can find it.


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