Body Hair

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This is me, jumping on the ‘talking about body hair’ bandwagon.  For more info, see the ‘Cherry Healey: How To Get A Life‘ website or Those Pesky Dames.  Vague apologies for my readers who weren’t expecting this kind of topic – it is a bit of a change from the slightly less radical topics of recent months.

As far as I see it, ‘body hair’ is something one generally gets as one passes through puberty.  Obviously, children have body hair too, but it is of course, less noticeable.  Viewed in that context, it seems rather Victorian of us as a culture to continue with the removal of body hair in an effort to appear more child-like and therefore in need of protection (don’t the Victorians gat blamed for a lot!).

Biologically as a species, the ideal female is of childbearing age, in good health.  Indicators of these attributes are a post-puberty body, and a lack of disfigurement which might indicate disease or stupidity (things which might be passed on to offspring & reduce said offsprings’ chance of survival to adulthood).  As a culture, although these general characteristics have remained constant, society’s interpretation of them shifts over time.  Slender/voluptuous; drooped shoulders/upright carriage; sexy arms/sexy legs.

So what about the guys?  Again, the acquisition of adult body hair is part of puberty, but I think it is probably much more welcomed.  Having said that, excess body hair is probably viewed along much the same lines for men as it is for women – something which is probably slightly distasteful.  I think I am right in paraphrasing some sort of media comment on the increasing numbers of men who choose to take advantage of ‘beauty’ treatments such as waxing which are more commonly thought of as the preserve of women.  The difference seems to be the definition of ‘excess’ and the perception of it being more of a choice.

And me?  I chose to stop shaving a few years ago – less faff.  Although I take pride in all aspects of my physical maturity (body hair, post-baby-body) I don’t generally wear garments which exhibit that, but that too is my choice.  Being genuinely happy in my own skin is more important than how much fat, cellulite or hair it has.


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