A Matter Of Confidence

July 16, 2012 at 4:45 pm 1 comment

I haven’t done anything really creative for a while.  I still sew/knit/blog but I stopped painting, which was my major creative outlet, and writing ‘proper’.  Part of the reason is that I don’t have anything that I just have to get out.  No angst, no romantically-induced teen-trauma.  No excessive emotion that needs dealing with.

I still have loads of great ideas for things but its all crafty-crafty and a bit more Working-From-Home-Mum/micro-business-type ideas.

(Is it me, or is there an excess of punctuation in this post?).

Anyway – there is an open exhibition coming up locally, with the deadline looming.  I am not making anything new for it, but am debating submitting some of my earlier work.  My problem is, I have submitted work to open exhibitions (and galleries) before but haven’t been accepted.

I know my work isn’t really ‘commercial’, it is more the lower end of ‘High-Art’.  You know – the kind of thing you look at and go ‘Huh?’  Except that even that doesn’t describe it properly.  Some of it is the kind of thing you see in a trendy bar.  So basically I paint wallpaper.  On a chunky frame.

So the question is – do I go to all the faff of submitting work when it may not sell.  Lugging it over to the venue on public transport, accompanied by a toddler.  Or else rope in DH to help me shift it.  I know that if I don’t exhibit, I don’t sell.  But why I wonder would anyone buy my work, when there is SO many talented people in the area, also exhibiting work.

I suppose if I don’t try, I won’t shift it.  It is going to have to be sell them or chuck them.


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