Blame It On The Olympics

August 9, 2012 at 8:09 pm Leave a comment

I have had (over the last few days) a spate of Olympic-iPlayer viewing.  I started off with watching the fencing.  I used to fence – really enjoyed it too.  Main problem was it gets SO warm in summer with all the kit.  And even when I was involved in the sport I had no interest in competing.  So I watched about 5 minutes of that and got bored.

I have also tried watching the equestrian ‘stuff’ (total of about about 10 minutes); diving (gets a bit repetitive after half an hour or so); gymnastics (managed to watch 1 routine.  will probably try again at some point).

I managed to get into some of the track & field stuff and would probably have watched more of it if Monkey hadn’t gotten fed up of some of the races.  And Monkey kept asking if the people long jumping had sand on their backs afterwards.  And if the people racing were going in the sand.  I mostly found the Heptathlon interesting – much more of an ongoing saga for the competitors.  I liked that there was commentary about people exceeding their personal best, which seems a healthy way of looking at things.  We can’t all be Ennis or Bolt.

Pursuing a sport because you love it seems like a good reason to me.  Perhaps I should start looking out a fencing club again come the winter…


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