Too Many Books For The Shelves

August 30, 2012 at 6:34 pm Leave a comment

I love books.  I have favourites that I read over and over (Wives & Daughters, Orson Scott Card’s Ender, lots of Anne McCaffrey, some Anne Rice and in the non-fiction section – Parasite Rex, Mutants, and The Red Hourglass).

Unfortunately (?) I also love to buy new books.  Mostly non-fiction these days.  Browsing the shelves, checking out the blurbs, falling for the ‘recommended title’.  The unfortunate part of it is that once bought, they often don’t get read.  Ah, If only I could absorb the contents of the book without having to put my knitting (etc) down.  If I do pick up a book these days, it tends to be something I am familiar with, or that I know will be a relaxing read.  All the really interesting books that I find, fully intending to dive in to, get shelved.

And those shelves are full.  I just went through all of the non-fiction section and there are none that I want to get rid of.  Either I have read them I still want them, or I haven’t and want to.  I am planning on embarking on a new plan – to (shock horror) read some of them.  I am hoping that my writing about them will encourage me to continue reading them.  Assuming I can persuade myself to put A Kiss Of Shadows (which I picked up yesterday evening) down.

Perhaps some ‘book time’ for me & Monkey would be good to do as part of our ‘quiet time’ which I try to do most days.  When I remember.  It will probably happen in & amongst as I sometimes use that time to check out iPlayer etc.  No, its ok.  Some of it is educational.  Although I’m not sure Doctor Who falls into that category…


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