50 Big Ideas I Really Need To Know

August 31, 2012 at 8:34 am Leave a comment

Possibly not the best place to start this – a book which, for various topics, has condensed vast tracts of thought into a 4 page summary.  Which I will attempt to summarise.

29th August

1 – Plato – still an influence for much of Western philosophy.  Not sure how much else I retained from that section, except something about ‘forms’ which are the ultimate tool for comparison.

15 – Evil – can be ‘moral’ (as in things people do) or ‘natural’ (like hurricanes & other natural disasters).  Part of what I’ll call ‘God Terminology’.  Not sure how a landslide (for example) can be evil as that implies pre-meditation on the part of the landslide.  Not a word I’d probably use except ironically.  The concept, however, I understand.

30th August

I tried to read another couple topics but I can’t concentrate enough.  This book just isn’t pulling me in.  Shame really, as I was planning on getting some of the other titles in the series at some point.  Might have to try before I buy next time.

Will I keep this book?  Possibly.  Although I should really be stern and say yes or no, I think I will sit on the fence with it until I look at another in the series – I’m not yet sure if it is the topics or the writing style that has lost me.



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