The Fiction Shelves Take The Next Hit

September 5, 2012 at 8:17 am Leave a comment

It looks like I won’t be sticking to the non-fiction side of things in my efforts to clear out my book collection.  A few years ago I went through a graphic novels phase and some of them I will probably be keeping (complete set of Lucifer and the Books Of Magic series which isn’t complete but I may remedy that).  I have 4 Witchblade comics that are going as I’ve no interest in either re-reading them, or keeping for posterity.  Ditto Purple Ronnie which isn’t quite the same thing, but isn’t really anything else either.

Since my last blog post I finished re-reading all the Merry Gentry books except the last one, which I didn’t fancy as much.  They are definitely keepers though, and will probably be picked up again before the end of this sort-out.

Some definite chuckers though – Storm Constantine’s Magravandias trilogy.  I’ve read them a few times previously but tried the first one last night and wasn’t pulled in.

Fiction is probably easier for me to divide into keepy/chucky than non-fiction because they are generally easier going.  I don’t need to concentrate on them as much.  Still – that quality isn’t the only reason to keep, I have to still enjoy what I am (not) concentrating on.


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