A Change Of Artistic Direction. I Hope…

September 15, 2012 at 5:40 pm 1 comment

I have recently been looking through (and being inspired by) my slowly accumulating collection of Stitch magazines.  There are so far 135 projects I have flagged up for further attention.  It is unlikely that I will make all these items but I guess it is a little like browsing a catalogue or wandering round Ikea.

Anyway – today we were having a bit of a clear out.  And I finally decided to do something about the oodles of canvases I have acquired.  Some painted, some not.  They are going, hurrah!  DH photographed the finished ones and those which I thought were good ideas.  There are a few I’m going to keep, including 3 unfinished ones that I might get round to completing.  I’ve earmarked 2 for taking-apart-and-reusing-the-canvas, but that still leaves probably 20 canvases to go.  There are maybe another 10 smaller ones upstairs still to go through but we ran out of space downstairs to photograph them in so we’ll do those another time.

I have been comparing my work to that of a professional/semi-professional/keen-amateur artist, and I have come to the conclusion that the main difference is sketchbooks.  I never really enjoyed doing them when I was at college – I am very much jumping straight into doing something big.  But I think that what I have really been doing is trying out my ‘sketchbook stuff’ (when I was actually doing stuff at all) on canvas (rather more expensive and far less portable than a hard back notebook).  Then trying to sell them.

So now my main aim in photographing all the work I am so casually chucking out, is to get the ideas in a manageable form, i.e. a sketchbook.  That way I can clarify the 135-so-far ideas from the magazines, plus all the other ideas I have scattered all over the house on scrappy little bits of paper (cheaper & more portable than a canvas, but rather too easy to get mixed up in the recycling).

So here’s to a new direction, hopefully ennui-free, and without the angst I was working with when I painted metre-high canvases in sunset colours.


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  • 1. Catherine Jennings  |  September 15, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    Would love to see some of your work 🙂 It feels good to have a clear out and re-organise doesn’t it, can’t wait to get my spare room finally sorted x


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