Getting Something Positive Out Of A ‘Quitting’

September 18, 2012 at 10:58 am Leave a comment

This week our classes start again.  We’ve just got home after our first class of the term – a parent & toddler dance class.  We’ve been going for over a year & depsite not participating much, Monkey has always previously said he enjoyed going.  Not today.  No participation, and no interest either.

We talked after the class & on the bus home to try to decide what to do next.  I don’t think it is a phase, I think he just isn’t interested enough in it.  The same people do a class for slightly older children (which Monkey is old enough to be in) but it is without parents.  Even if he were ready for that, I’m not.

I like the routine of going to classes & think Monkey does too.  I know some of it could just be that it is a different routine after the long summer break, but we did the same thing last year with no problems.

I’m hoping to be able to find another physical class that he’ll be able to get involved with, but I’m assuming at the moment that he is like me – disliking intensely being made to (or feeling made to) participate.

The French class we do (and previously the signing classes we’ve done) he can just observe.  He looks and picks things up, but rarely joins in.  So it is entirely possible that we’ll have to cover all the physical activity stuff at home, continuing with the walks weve been doing over summer.

I have, however, taken the opportunity to sign us up to try out a colour themed class which I’ve been eyeing up for some time.  Maybe he’s ready for a bit more arty stuff?  If that doesn’t work, I think we’ll have to look at woodwork or maybe train maintenance.  Yay.


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