Running For The Bus (longish post)

October 17, 2012 at 2:36 pm Leave a comment

It has been a slightly more eventful day so far than I’d planned, but before I explain that, I’ll start with a phrase I think probably more than I say.

There is nothing in life quite like running for the bus.

(or other public transport running to a timetable)

Rush of adrenaline – will I make it?  Facing the let-down of failure and the woohoo/whew of success.  Yay we made it, and Doh! I probably smell now, oh poop, where is my bus pass.

Today Monkey & I ran for the bus.  We have done this before, it involves a lot of laughing, some argh and quite a bit of picking up (so we go faster) and putting down (no way can I carry you any further).  Today, we were waiting at the crossing when we saw the bus.  The lights changed so we hurried across the road – I don’t encourage running on the road but we’d another road to cross to get to the stop.  We crossed the second road safely & had probably about 50 yards to go.  The bus was approaching – it is a busy stop & would have halted there for at least a minute.  Then catastrophe – Monkey tripped and fell.  I would normally have automatically yanked my hand upwards to stop his fall, but this time I didn’t yank quick enough & his hand slipped out of mine.  Face down on the flagstones.

Picked him up, and from what I can remember, carried him towards the bus, checking for injuries, by which time he was screaming.  Lots of cuddles.  Lots of blood.  Busted lip.  Hang on, there is blood in his mouth too.  Right.  Er.  Bus here.  Go home?  No, needs looking at.  Hospital?  Not on this bus.  Phone DH?  No, too long to get here.  Taxi?  Where’s the taxi rank, oh yes, back over the crossing*.  Do we really need the hospital?  Probably not – he’s not that bad, surely.  Second opinion?  Doctor’s surgery.  Right, we’ll head up there & they can take a look.  that all took about a couple of seconds I think

Carried him up towards the surgery – he’s heavy.  2 stone of upset little boy.  Had to stop part way & sit down.  Kind lady asked if he was ok – reassured her then headed on.  He managed to walk some of the way.  Still cranking about it.  Surgery sent up upstairs to dentist – the squoze us in once he’d calmed down.

Bit of blood wiped off, quick check of teeth, instructions for further care, sticker for Monkey (and some comment on his lovely eyes).

We headed back down to the bus stop, definitely ready for lunch now, it is 2:30.

Bus is in, oh no!

(we hurried and made the bus without further injury).

DH – in case you are worried – he’s sitting watching train videos now.  He seems happy enough – and hasn’t sucked his thumb since he fell.


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