Project Hoarding

November 2, 2012 at 6:27 am Leave a comment

I am a self-confessed dabbler in various arts.  I also live in a house where there isn’t as much space as we’d like.  Much of it is taken up with ‘stuff’.  DH has a whole load of music kit from when he played in a band (nothing like kids to cramp the rock & roll lifestyle).  My ‘area’ is taken up with a huge rack of shelves filled with magazines, craft books, boxes of art materials, unfiled paperwork and incomplete (or unstarted) projects.  The floor, desk & recycling bin are the same.  I regularly try to sort things out, but it is too big to tackle all at once so I tend to nibble away at it.

This is great for a bit but then I get distracted by other ongoing calls on my ‘project time’.  Like the book sorting thing I was doing a while ago – I did really well until I hit the fiction section.  I made the mistake of picking up a couple of books that I will definitely be keeping.  I read the series.  And some others by the same author.  Then I was stuck on a reading thing and have spent more time than I meant to on it.  I have managed to set aside a couple for the ‘chucky’ pile – ‘The Flood’ by David Maine (which I just couldn’t get into although I think I enjoyed it the first time around) and a couple of ‘Purple Ronnie’ books.

My other impediment-to-completed-projects at the moment (other than sewing up, of course – I’ve a mostly completed birthday jumper which is sitting looking at me from a box behind me now) is that I’m going through my knitting magazines, putting all the good patterns on a spreadsheet for easy reference.  And what fab patterns – ooh, shall I do that next – let’s see what people have done with it on Ravelry.  Mmm I could do that for Monkey, or might be too faffy.  I wonder if DH wants a fair isle Kaffe Fasset cardigan & sleeveless jumper for Christmas.  Or a chunky cable jumper.

So my experimental red & orange scarf is sitting on my desk, full of needles.  My brown lace jumper is in a bag somewhere, waiting for the arms to be finished.  Monkey’s cardigan is lacking a lower left arm & the scarf to go with it is about 20 cm long.

So what next – a Martin Storey intarsia cardigan, converted to double-knitting.  Nice quick project hahahahaha.


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