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November 12, 2012 at 6:34 am Leave a comment

I am a rather self-absorbed person.  I often focus on whatever little thing I’m doing (knitting, reading, even the occasional household chore).  Unfortunately this doesn’t leave a lot of focus for Monkey.  Especially as I’m not very good at doing things that aren’t interesting to me.  So I don’t play with him as much as I think I should, and when I do it is often on my terms (jigsaws) or most often with me just being there (knitting).

I do feel like I should be doing more (ah guilt, that good old curse of parenting).  So I try to be open for ‘focusing’ opportunities, which mostly means we go for walks in the woods more often (I knit when we are going round, but I’ve got to pay more attention to what Monkey is off doing.

We did that one day last week, taking the balance bike with us and ended up going on a longer walk than planned.  We had to give up eventually and make our way back home – it was a path we didn’t know, it was exceedingly muddy, and it was getting dark.

We also took an impromptu walk on Friday morning on our way to French class – we’d half an hour to wait for a connecting bus and although the road we walked along was busy & uphill, there was plenty of room to walk along and the weather was good.  We looked over a bridge at the railway line just as a train came through.  Conversation was difficult because of all the traffic, but there were huge piles of leaves to kick through.  I thought as we walked along – I wonder if he’ll remember this when he is older.  I hope so – nice walk, fun things to do, Mummy & Monkey laughing at silly things.  And no hands free for knitting.


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