Nappy Weaning? Nowhere Near

December 16, 2012 at 7:48 am Leave a comment

I posted quite a few months ago about how fabulous it was that Monkey had used the potty a couple of times.  Well, since then, nowt.  He isn’t even interested in sitting on it any more – he’d much rather hold it all in until he gets a nappy back on.

We did have a slight nappy crisis last week – finished a pack of nappies off, only to find that the pack I had assumed were in the bathroom cupboard was in fact the pack I had just finished.  We were too late in the evening to get more but had a single nappy in the going-out bag.  That got us through until the morning, when daddy had to go to work & we were due at a play session in Bingley.

Fortunately the washable nappies were reasonably to hand so we put one of those on instead & loaded the going-out bag with four more nappies & two spare pairs of trousers.  As an interim measure it was ok – we had ‘accidents’ en route to the play session (changed when we got there); on the way to a paint-a-pot studio to pick up some work (changed when we got there); and in Boots, just before we got some more nappies (changed, with much relief on my part, into the last pair of trousers & a disposable nappy).

Since then we’ve been back in disposables.  I like the washables but he needs changing far more often – disrupting his play (and mine).  The washables are better for him being aware of what’s going on though – since then he’s been telling me when he’s had or is having a wee.  We aren’t quite at the ‘about to have a wee’ stage, but it doesn’t matter.  He is only 3 after all, and because we aren’t prepping him for school or nursery there isn’t any rush.  We might put the potty away & re-introduce it next summer, and bring the washables back into full-time-use-at-home at the same time, to help him focus on the issue.



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