Ravelry, Knitting Books & Ennui-Of-The-Arms

December 29, 2012 at 9:25 pm Leave a comment

We’ve not been particularly well for the last few weeks.  All three of us have been full of colds and coughs, DH took some time off work & we’ve been trying to take it easy.  Not always straightforward when 1/3 of the people in the house is three years old and hasn’t had enough exercise for about a fortnight.  We’re in bed at the moment, DH is trying to go to sleep, I’ve got music on the computer to try settle Monkey (not working well yet, but we’ve 19 tracks to go…).

A side effect I’ve suffered (pretty much since mid-december) has been tired arms.  I’ve not been able to get half as much knitting done as I’d have liked.  Fortunately I hadn’t opted for knitted gifts for everyone this year, but I had just started a new jumper for myself (using up some stash yarn) when the limb-fatigue really hit.  It is easing a little but I can’t do anything like as much as would ordinarily do.

In a way though it has been handy.  I was given a knitting book for Christmas – Norwegian Knitting Designs – and I’ve managed to refrain from rushing out to buy wool for it.  I have been through it quite a few times, browsing, choosing garments, noticing that it definitely isn’t a beginners knitting book.  I think most garments have steeking, for starters.  I’ve also browsed Ravelry a lot, looking at what other people have noticed about the patterns.  I often do that – frequently choosing patterns based on what has been knitted/internetted previously.

Having said that, the last thing I finished, I made because it wasn’t on there.  I deliberately opted for a pattern which came up, but without a picture.  I’m hoping that my garment will be selected by the Ravelry team to be displayed for that pattern.  Although as I have altered it somewhat I may not get my wish!

So I’ve put off buying the yarn for the Season Of Darkness And Winter Light jacket, until I’ve finished my stash jumper.  After all, someone’s already got the picture for that garment.  Maybe I should go back & take another look at the other patterns…


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