A Winter’s Tail-Coat (part 1)

January 5, 2013 at 5:44 pm Leave a comment

I struggle to find clothes that fit.  For many things I am a 10/12 but for fitted things, or things that extend both ways past the waist, I have real difficulty.  This is because I have an agglomerate figure.  I’m a 10-12 in the middle, a 14 on the shoulders and an 18 vertically down the back.  the vertical measurement isn’t too big a deal, the faff is if I find a jacket that fits me in the shoulders, it hang off me in the middle.  I wouldn’t go so far as wishing it were different, but it is still a faff.

I’ve been trying without success to find a new winter coat for about 18 months.  Finally bit the bullet this week and got patterns to make my own.  Couldn’t decide between Simplicity 2508, Burda 7130 & Burda 8929 so I got all 3 – there is plenty of variety among the 3 for different lengths, and also experimenting when (if) I get more proficient with the whole sewing thing.

I’d been looking at some lovely fabrics on Raystitch & HempFabricUK this morning, but decided that as I am not the best of dressmakers I ought not to spend as much as all that.  So Monkey and DH went for a walk this lunchtime while I raided the racks at The Shuttle in Shipley.  I spent £20 odd and got sufficient fabric for coat & lining, as well as a reel of appropriately coloured thread as well as 3m of linen fabric I couldn’t resist.

Next time – pattern cutting fun!


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Ravelry, Knitting Books & Ennui-Of-The-Arms A Winter’s Tail-Coat (part 2)

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