A Winter’s Tail-Coat (part 3)

January 7, 2013 at 8:11 pm Leave a comment

Managed to find some pins.  Not quite enough to do all the pinning & cutting at once, but as I didn’t have sufficient floor space either, that was ok.  The coat is all cut out now, except interfacing which I plan to do later this evening, if I can persuade Monkey to let me have the floor space back (it has since had railways built all over it.  Ah, the pace of progress.  So long as that doesn’t make me Lord Beeching…)

I also learned how to do proper tailor’s tacks.  I’d seen them done before.  That is to say I noticed that the marks were being stitched and scissors were involved, but didn’t think to pay attention to the mechanics of it all.  I then invented my own way of doing it which was faffy (of course) because of all the knots I made so the thread didn’t come out.  I even evolved it to be easier for me, but either way I still got the thread stuck sometimes.  So today, I looked it up & I’ve done the stitching bit properly, just need to keep the book handy when it is time to cut…

I also noticed that because I’ve made the coat shorter than the pattern suggests (which may or may not have been a wise move) there should be enough fabric left over to make a jacket for Monkey.  I even have the pattern – bought it a while ago intending to make one for DH and never got round to it.  The sizes in the packet go down to a-bit-too-big for Monkey which is better so he’ll grown into it.  Hopefully before he wears all the corduroy off!

Next time – hopefully something productive involving a sewing machine.


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