A Winter’s Tail-Coat (part 4)

January 11, 2013 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment

Things slowed a little in the coat-making department since tuesday.  I decided I didn’t have the right kind if interfacing so went to get more.  I got sufficient medium weight black interfacing to hopefully do my coat and also the jacket I started cutting out for Monkey.  Nothing like a concentrating on one project at a time, huh!

Didn’t get much of anything done yesterday, then today I did some tidying up.  Also Monkey & I did some work on a kit I’d got for him – wooden vehicles that you paint, glue together & varnish.  Mostly I got it for the super mini-suitcase but he likes the vehicles too.  We just stuck them together – he’s still on ‘lates’ so is currently downstairs with DH reading a Gruffalo activity book.

Anyway, diversions aside – I did get a bit more coat done.  All the interfacing is cut & ironed on (hurrah!); the fronts/side fronts are pinned & tacked, as are the back/side backs.  Won’t get any more done until at least tomorrow afternoon – we’ve got French in the morning.  With any luck the early start will get Monkey off ‘lates’ so all three of us can get a bit more sleep!

p.s. – after writing this it seems I forgot to publish it.  This afternoon’s planned sewing did not happen, as I cannot find my sewing machine needles (except for a pack of jersey needles which won’t do!).  Fortunately I’m due to be in the vicinity of a haberdashery zone tomorrow so should be able to pick up something appropriate.  Maybe this time I will even store them in the correct place so I know where they are.

Next time – hopefully something productive involving a sewing machine.  Although I’m not going to hold my breath…



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A Winter’s Tail-Coat (part 3) Pre-Reading

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